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Shenzhen AnLiang Business Consulting Service Co., Ltd. is an investigation company with strong power, complete formalities, advanced equipment and high efficiency. We have formed an enormous investigation network both in domestic and abroad including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

More than a decade since it was founded, it has been focusing on services such as business detection, business consulting, searching for people and addresses and so on. We have highly professional and qualified investigation team and information consulting team. These teams consist of soldiers, most of whom used to work in the areas of lawyer, network security, market analysis and journalist, etc. With years of training, they have accumulated rich experience.

Integrity is the foundation of our existence, Confidentiality is our service tenet, seeking truth from facts, being professional and efficient and collecting strong evidence are our commitments. AnLiang Investigation

What can we do for you?

Within the bounds of law, we’re able to provide overall services including civil investigation, business information investigation, personal credit investigation, debt collection and settling, etc.

Debt clearance

Solving various problems, consulting and planning, offering advice, solving all types of complex and difficult problems.

Business detection

Our company has a highly qualified and experienced investigation team, we accept all types of business activities trust.

Confidentiality agreement

Our company established strict confidentiality rules and regulations. Confidentiality agreement is signed according to the demands of clients, the confidentiality agreement is valid till the time requested by clients.

Civil rights protection

Collecting and analyzing all the data and materials related to market activities from producer to consumer.

Cracking down on fake authority

Undertaking enterprise and personal trust, providing various types of information and investigating for protecting patent rights and intellectual property rights.

Marriage investigation

Offering consultation on character, living habits of the marriage target and other aspects that may affect marriage life.

Why choosing us?

We have a group of professional and highly experienced investigation personnel, with famous economic experts and doctor of laws being consultants. Pragmatic investigation team helps you solve all difficult investigation and evidence collection work and provides highly efficient and specialized service.


Respond immediately after receiving case, on time delivery with quality guaranteed, compensate for timeout.


The company has a specialized auditing department to verify service order. Eliminate non-standard charge and random quotation.

More reliable

Sign agreement, personal information will be managed by specially-assigned person, handle complaint by 100%, come up with the best solution.

More professional

Establish special case team once receiving the case, analyze the case with team and come up with the best solution.


The company implements strict confidentiality rules and regulations, and signs confidentiality agreement with clients before each investigation starts.

Professional detective team

refuse blind search. AnLiang helps you collect true evidence.

We're committed to build your exclusive rights watchman with our professionalism and sincerity.

Mr.Xiao,Golden investigation team leader of AnLiang investigation with more than 10 years’ investigation experience. He has rich networking resources of public security authorities in abroad and can quickly complete various types of difficult investigation and evidence collection work.


investigation team leader

Mr.Liu,chief counsel of AnLiang, graduated from Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, China University of Political Science and Law, 6-year’s practitioner lawyer experience, having profound basics of law science, having unique understanding on legal risk prevention.



Ms.Wang,chief planning of AnLiang, graduated from Faculty of Journalism and Communication, Communication University of China, 5-year’s work experience as journalist in entertainment circle.



Customer’s recognition is our sole pursuit.

We polish carefully each service only to escort for your success

Why are we reliable to you?

Having an experienced professional investigation team and advanced high-tech equipment, providing all kinds of strong evidence including audio & video, capable of successfully completing various investigation and evidence collection work.

10+ Investigation year
140+ Number of professional staff
15700+ Times of service
29000+ Successful evidence collection

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It has been proved that 90% of people who lost lawsuit because they didn’t have strong favorable evidence in early stage. Entrusting specialized investigation team to collect evidence can improve winning percentage.

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